J N Collins

We purchased our spa after seeing it at the Home Show in Wanganui. We love the spa and it looks amazing.
It is so easy to look after and comes with easy to follow care instructions. Great service and friendly staff.

Hamish & Sonia

Wandering around the Auckland Home Show 2018 we had no intention of buying a spa until we walked past the Silver Spa display. One spa instantly stood out to us as we loved the white marble and round shape.

The sales team was informative and we liked the fact they are New Zealand made using materials that will withstand our costal environment. One key feature we also love is not having to use chlorine.A quality product at a great price.


We love our new spa!  Much more comfortable than our old pool.  The delivery man extremely helpful and friendly.  Darlene has been brilliant with her help and advice getting our spa settings all set up correctly.  It has been a pleasure to deal with her.  We couldn't be happier.​

Jeff Thomas, Palmerston North

Thanks Silver Spas, I am happy and more importantly my wife is so happy with the fantastic spa pool! The purchasing process was so easy and once unpacked it was a simple matter of filling and plugging the spa in and letting the water heat. By 8am the following morning the spa was ready for use. The team at Silver Spas answered all my ‘silly’ questions without hesitation, even down to the little things like "do I add chemicals initially, or wait for it to heat up?". Nothing was too hard for them, for which I am truly grateful. I even had a follow up call a couple of days later to ensure all was well with the spa pool - awesome service! Now I recall why I enjoyed our previous spa pool so much, nothing like a nice warm spa before bed to calm the mind and take away those aches and pains of the day.

Sally and Max Speakman

He found the Silver Spas team to be very friendly and knowledgable about what you were selling! We are getting so much enjoyment out of this spa and in it nearly every day our grandsons think it's great too. I would not hesitate to recommend Silver Spas to anyone who is looking at purchasing one of your spas you are all very friendly and accommodating if we have any questions. 

Tony & Delma Isabeth 

We love our 1st ever spa pool of which we purchased from the Auckland Home Show with the help of Darleen Edwards, who was very helpful in helping us choose the right spa pool for our family as you can see with our grandson It was also delivered and put in place by a very professional sales manager who answered all our
questions and helped set the pool up. Would throughly recommend Silver Spas. Thanks Guys.


We had thought about getting a spa pool for many years and when friends of ours recommended Silver Spas we finally bit the bullet and purchased one.  The whole process from sale to delivery was effortless and well communicated.  Our spa pool was ready well within the timeframe we were told and delivered within a couple days of being ready.  It came with everything we needed to get going and was ready for use within a few hours of being plugged in.  The staff at Silver Spas have been super helpful in answering questions we had and supplying additional items like filters and plugs.  We are really enjoying the spa pool, it is a great way to relax at the end of a day.

Dave and Jane Ridley

Our families new happy place to unwind at the end of the day, loving our spa, we just wish we had purchased sooner.

Toby Hunn

We bought our Silver Spa in December 2017 & have been extremely happy with everything so far. Whilst the delivery into the desired area in our pool section was not easy, the Silver Spa team were very helpful over the Xmas period to aid with the installation. The spa looks great, is a perfect size for our family of five, and the maintenance & upkeep are very self explanatory and easy. All in all we are very happy with our new spa, & the team at Silver Spa's have been very attentive since to make sure that it is all working well and we are happy with our purchase. 

Ange and Chris Lane

We are really enjoying our new Silver Spa on our back deck.  So much space and the jets are awesome. We love the option of twisting the jet to turn it on or off so others in the spa who still want bubbles on their back can continue whilst one has a break from it. The lights are magnificent at night too. Thank you for this quality spa, we know we made the right choice choosing Silver Spas!

Karina Ilic

We are obsessed with our new spa pool! We are in it most nights, it's a perfect way to unwind and destress at the end of a busy day. Silver Spas’ staff at the Auckland Home Show were very professional and knowledgeable. We also love the fact that our spa is NZ made and comes at a great price - no hidden cost unlike some others.

Vanessa Boud

Thanks, Silver Spas for the fantastic spa pool we are thoroughly enjoying it and as you can see by the pictures it's an absolute hit with the kids!!  From our initial enquiry through to the delivery and aftercare the team have been awesome and we couldn't be happier.  The spa is super comfy with plenty of room for everyone and its the perfect place to wind down after a long day at work.  Thanks again for the amazing spa, all your advise and support. We highly recommend Silver Spas!!  


Loving our new spa! Enjoying the sunsets every night! We love ending our day with a soak and seeing our beautiful night sky. It's been fabulous, we're thrilled with our new spa. Cheers to the team at Silver spas. 


Our first spa and it is a beauty! We looked at Silver Spa's at the Northland Home Show and Darleen was very helpful and friendly. We didn't say yes straight away and went and looked at another site at the show that had spas but the Silver Spa deal was so good we couldn't turn it down. 

Delivery was straight forward and set up easy. We have been using the spa every night and we are loving it! Thanks Silver Spas - highly recommend!


Our first spa and it is a beauty! We looked at Silver Spa's at the Northland Home Show and Darleen was very helpful and friendly. We didn't say yes straight away and went and looked at another site at the show that had spas but the Silver Spa deal was so good we couldn't turn it down. 

Delivery was straight forward and set up easy. We have been using the spa every night and we are loving it! Thanks Silver Spas - highly recommend!

Paul & Jeannine Hodson

After numerous sites we visited over various Home Shows, we came across Silver Spas at the Auckland Home Show.  We found that their seating was not too deep and were able to keep our head above the waterline, and easy to get in and out of.  We got a good deal with the pool, steps, hard cover, lifter, and Chemical pack. We have been using it every night since, and it really helps with all our aches and pains after our renovating.


We bought our spa last July and we are thrilled with it. Delivery was outstanding and after the leak was fixed we have had no problems.


You people were amazing to deal with, nothing was too much trouble. There is hardly a day goes by without us using it. Congratulations to your team for the service you provide.

Tanya & Michael

We purchased our M245 for a great price it came with the cover, cover lifter, chemical pack and step as part of the deal. The team made the delivery look easy and fitted it through my gate. I had always wanted a spa pool having read about the therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy. I cycle and to come home after hours on the bike and recover in the spa pool is great. I particularly appreciate the powerful jets targeting my feet and calf muscles. After 20-30 minutes in the spa I'm good, not suffering for the rest of the day like I used to I would recommend Silver Spas to anyone wanting a quality spa.

Nikki and Simon Larsen 

We are loving the Spa Pool. We are very happy we went with the Round Shape as our special needs son is able to stand comfortably and sit with ease. Most nights we all hop in and enjoy a good soak.

As a company we cannot fault, Your service and communication was brilliant. Delivery was superb with no problems at all not to mention a very good price due to the home show special.

Bridget & Greg

I was attracted to the easy care and durability of Silver Spas. The sales lady was extremely knowledgeable and patient as deciding took time. 

The spa arrived just in time for my daughters 13th birthday sleepover & was a real hit. 

The biggest positive change in our family the spa has created is, we sit and talk as a family or a couple instead of watching terrible TV or being on device. As we approach the teenage years I’m so thankful for this new found communication opportunity the spa has given us.

Richie and Jane Nimmo, Ohingaiti

We purchased our Silver Spa at Central District Fielddays. We had um'd and ah'd for years about purchasing a spa pool.


The silver Spas team were very helpful and made the whole process simple. The delivery service was excellent. 

We are absolutely loving it and are daily users.  Its absolutely amazing on aches and pains.

Allan & Lynne 

We purchased our swim spa after meeting Stephen at the Palmerston North Home Show. We wanted a pool big enough to relax and exercise in, all year round. The Silver Spas swim spa is ideal. In the colder months we have it at 36-38 degrees and now the weather is warmer, at 27-30.


We have used it every day since having it installed (set down into a deck that we seldom used in the past). Stephen has been very helpful, the delivery and installation process went smoothly. We believe it is great value for money and expect to get many years enjoyment from our purchase. 

Sam & Dinu Ranaweera

We’ve always wanted to give the kids a pool and have a spa to relax in, however pools were expensive and needed too many council consents. 

We were impressed with what the X529 Swim Spa came with for the price and decided to shop around the home show for other options before committing. We couldn’t find a single other Swim Spa that was that well priced and felt good value for money.

Its been great for the kids to cool down this summer with a nice dip in the pool and for the adults it’s been a great place to relax and unwind after a busy day. The only regret I have is not coming across Silver Spas sooner. 

Alison Wilson - Papakura

Our family has decided to purchase a spa and our choice was made a lot easier when stumbling on the Silver Spas. Previously, we had been to 2 or 3 other spa companies and has been less than impressed with the sales staff and the quality of the spas themselves, but once we found a beautiful 5 seater spa, that was extremely well priced and the Silver Spas team offered us a wealth of knowledge, it was the easiest decision we've made. Their delivery team delivered the spa in perfect condition and also explained how to connect and operate the spa. We were amazed at how easy and enjoyable the experience was of purchasing our spa and we are so happy that we made the purchase. I use it every night with my partner and we couldn't be happier. 5 stars to the Silver Spas team!

Shotter Family

We are very happy with the spa looks great and gets plenty of use, in fact I jump into it before I go to work every day, can't beat that.

Penny Andrew Paterson

We recently purchased one of your spa pools at the Spa and Pool Expo.After looking at the competitors spas, we decided on your spa as not only your company offered the best package but most importantly for us, it was Kiwi made. Darlene was very helpful and arranged our delivery and a extra person to set up on site.

We have used our spa everyday since installation and my wife has no sore or aching legs any longer.

We would certainly recommend your company to our friends.


We have had our spa since December and LOVE it! We have two under two so it is great for some much needed relaxation. 
Our daughter loves water so the spa is her new favourite! She could be in there for hours! 

The quality is great and looks great on our deck. We are very pleased with our purchase and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Silver Spas to friends and family. 

Nigel & Maria

We absolutely love our silver spa, it not only looks amazing but is also a huge step up from our previous spa. This spa is deeper than our last, the jets are fantastic and my husband loves his 'disco lights'!

The water is always crystal clear, also. Stephen was an excellent salesperson, delivery man, follow up etc. We highly recommend Silver Spas to everyone.

Carol and Larry Ingram

We looked at spa pools at the New Plymouth home show and Hamilton Field Days, and did alot of research online. We are so pleased we decided to get a Silver Spa - M355. The quality of the pool and the customer service are excellent. We decided on an ozone spa as Larry has sensitive skin and he has had no problems with his skin, even though we spend alot of time in the spa. Thank you Darlene and the Silver Spa team.

Bryan & Kel

Silver Spas has been outstanding to deal with, nothing is ever a problem and they are extremely helpful. We are a family of 6 and purchased the L226 pearl shadow silver spa at the central districts field days and it’s awesome. So pleased we made the choice to purchase this spa.

Karen & Mike

Living in Rotorua, we were a little hesitant at first to buy out of town, but it was hard to go past such a great deal at the Auckland Home Show. Silver Spas ticked all the boxes and more.
Knowing that an after sales service is just a phone call away for spa pool novices such as ourselves, is an added bonus. We cant speak highly enough of our dealings with both Darlene and Gina.
Thank you Silver Spas....we are rapt and so too are our friends!


We would like to give the “thumbs up” after purchasing our Silver Spa. Having checked out other brands, we feel the features of the Silver Spa to be of great comparative value. The communication was excellent, as we pre-ordered 6 months before delivery, which was to Whangarei.

Melissa and Brett

We bought the spa at a home show, and it was significantly cheaper than competitors. It is difficult to see why you would pay twice as much when this spa heats water, stays warm, pumps effectively, looks good and is very easy to maintain. We have been pleasantly surprised at how little it costs to run (power and chemicals); on that basis we would whole heartedly recommend Silver Spas to anyone thinking about investing - excellent value for money and good customer service.

Wendy Carter

Thank you Silver Spas for our new spa! I have to say Silver Spas customer service and communication is amazing and the follow up phone calls to make sure you're all set up and things are going well was great as I did have questions. 

We hop into our spa every day and it has been one of my best investments yet.

I love coming home and getting into the spa feeling relaxed after the awesome neck massager has worked it's magic. Couldn't be without our spa now.


Relaxing with a glass of wine, expelling the day's tensions. Thanks, Silver Spas.

Murray & Faye Gardiner

We were at the Manukau Home Show in June this year & saw the Silver Spas Display. Darlene was warm, friendly, outgoing nature & knowledge of these pools was outstanding with no pressure put on us at all. The ongoing customer service of Silver Spas with any questions are dealt with professionally, promptly & with a smile. We would have no hesitation in recommending Silver Spas to anyone at all re the product plus the exceptional service that comes with it. 

The Jones

We received our M3555 spa from Silver Spas a few weeks ago. We have always wanted a spa and this spa has ticked all of the boxes. 

We as a family have used it just about every night since we got it up and running. The family also enjoys the hydrotherapy massage loungers which relax you completely. 

The whole experience of the purchase and customer service with Silver Spas has also been exceptional.


We visited the Home Show in Hamilton looking at potential spa pools. We browsed all the stands and found the deals, quality of spas and friendly customer service at Silver Spas exceeded what we had seen elsewhere. It was very exciting to get our spa delivered in time for Christmas and we are enjoying our evenings relaxing under the stars. The kids love it too!


We started looking for a spa about 6 months before we bought our Silver Spa.

We first saw them at the Home show in Palmerston North and came back to view it a few more times before we ultimately decided that Silver Spa were the one for us. 


We haven’t looked back. It has added so much joy to our evenings. It’s our little piece of paradise.

Stuart and Mary Hampton

Having retired from Auckland to the country, we were getting quotes for a swimming pools, as we wanted to cool down in the summer. 


Talking with staff there we realised the X529 suited our needs and has worked out to be considerably cheaper than other options. Also cheaper to run as the heat is turned down and natural sunlight gives us temperatures of approx 28 to 30 degrees. Family and Friends have also been very impressed, being able to cool off and enjoy the relaxation the jets provide. 

Mika and Tony 

We recently had our new Silver Spa’s Spa delivered, the Team at Silver Spa’s were very helpful and accommodating. The spa is great quality and the lockable cover gives me significant piece of mind! 


Buying it we were worried that it was a impulse buy but it’s been the opposite. We are using it almost daily, really enjoyed it and so has most of the neighbourhood kids! 

Mika and Tony 

Finally have our spa set up in its permanent position. Really thrilled with it and our grandchildren have a lot of fun when visiting. Great product and great service, thank you all.

Jennie & John Fahey  

We just LOVE our spa pool it’s amazing and even the perfect colour as matches our house exactly so looks very attractive and we feel the finishing touch.  The service and communication we had with Silver Spas would have to be one of the best experiences I have had when purchasing anything – it was amazing and all done over the phone but so reassuring and so efficient plus a great price.  The delivery was simple and the delivery man so helpful.  I only wish everyone could be so easy to deal with as Silver Spas – the service was superb thank you.  

The Manu Family

We are really enjoying our new Silver Spa, even in the rain we can’t get the kids out of it! Took the girls up to Mt Taranaki last weekend for a day on the snow...bit of a hike up carrying gear and the little one! Tired legs and aching muscles for all ...What a Perfect way to end the day -  so relaxing! 

Patsy & Michael

When we saw the spa at the home show we knew this was the one for us! It fits so well into our garden oasis.  The set up was so easy, great service, really efficient and great value.  Just loving having our spa! Thanks so much.

Kirsty Lee

“The view from our spa.  Looking out over beautiful Ohope Beach in the Eastern Bay of Plenty.  In the evenings we have 360 degree views of the star filled night sky.  We loved dealing with Silver Spas New Zealand.  All our questions were answered and no problem was ever too small to be missed.  Great service, friendly staff.  Love our spa! “


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